daily devotions

Daily reading plan

Read through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in a year. If you would like to download the reading plan, see below.

S: Scripture

As you read through the daily assigned reading on your reading plan jot down one scripture that stands out to you. Take your time to discover God’s word.

O: Observation

Make observations such as, who is doing what, what are they saying, who are they saying it to, etc. Great place to ask yourself questions about the text.  Do not be afraid! There are no stupid questions. Encounter and wrestle with what God is saying!

A: Application

How will you live or think differently based on what you just read? Maybe you need to forgive, or seek   forgiveness, be encouraged, or any other number of things.

P: Prayer

Write a prayer to God for help, guidance, thank Him for what you just read, and pray for specific people in life.  It’s a great time to spend time with Jesus!