Please pray, ask questions, and think about becoming a PARTNER of the Well foursquare!

What is church PARTNERSHIP?

Church partnership is when one takes the practical and spiritual step to partner with the church’s leadership with the direction, provision, and health of the church.  The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel describes Church relationship as, “essential for all believers to join with and become part of a congregation of other believers. It is important to worship together, observe the ordinances of the church, encourage and support one another, and work together to advance the Lord’s kingdom” (Hebrews 10:24, 25) 

Why become a church PARTNER?

At the Well we believe that everyone has something to offer the local church and thus believes all should participate.  Wayne Cordeiro, Senior Pastor of New Hope Church in Hawaii, describes that some people have the mentality that church is like a cruise ship where there are many passengers and a small crew to cater to the needs of the passengers.  Whereas, we want to be more of a battle ship where authority is present but everyone has a job and is a crucial part of the success of the church!

*It is important to note that we are all followers of Jesus first, and we understand that the local church is simply an extension of the world wide church.  Thus, view this partnership as temporary as we believe God will call and commission people in our congregation to move on in obedience to Christ!  This is not a life long commitment but a commitment honored in season.

What are the responsibilities of a Church PARTNER? 

The Well partners exclusively participate in church council elections, congregational voting, are able to be elected to church council, and serve as supporters of the church. We want to invite you to commit with us to become a partner with The Well Foursquare!  As many of you know a partnership is not a one-way street. Our Partnership class will discuss what we believe as a church, who we are as a church, and what this partnership looks like.* 

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